Final Kandy rehearsal before the shoot

The cast and crew of Kandy had two hours to do one final rehearsal before shooting the short feature film – next weekend.

It was a jam-packed two hours of meeting the hairdresser, having the first round of publicity photos taken, making wardrobe decisions, a round-table read-through (sans scripts) and finally a rehearsal shoot, complete with lighting.

Despite learning that there’s a lot of sitting around on set during these productions, the energy levels were high in anticipation of the polish required for the final performance in front of the cameras in a week’s time.

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Unearthing local talent in screen tests

Dubbo Filmmakers conducted screen tests and auditions for four roles in the short film, Kandy, at the Fire Station Arts Centre in Dubbo over two hours on 8 August, attracting strong interest (and healthy competition) for the lead role of Kandy and the cameo, T-Bone.

Ten actors in total put themselves in front of the camera for the screen tests, role-playing an extract from Kellie Jennar’s script. Some of those auditioning have performed on stage before, but it was a first time screen test for most. The majority who came to auditions had contacted the casting team or producer prior to the day. However, there was also one walk-in late in the audition session, wrapping up the auditions with a surprise.

A skeleton production crew was on hand to administrate, direct, advise, role play and to handle audio and camera. The executive team has to now consider the outcomes of the tests before a final decision is made by the director during the coming week. The race is now on to bed down the cast, get a rehearsal schedule in place and get ready for shooting on the weekend of 30 and 31 August. Nothing quite like running to a tight timeframe.

Kandy will screen at the One Eye Film Festival on 14 November.

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Half way into a new year with a BIG project

Dubbo Filmmakers started the year with a monthly challenge. Obviously the challenges weren’t great enough because by early July the group was in the early stages of producing its first short feature film.

Candy being performed on stage at 2014 Dubbo Shorts (photo: Orana Arts)
Candy being performed on stage at 2014 Dubbo Shorts (photo: Orana Arts)

While more details are yet to be made public, the group have been very fortunate to have in its ranks writer, Kellie Jennar. Kellie has provided her theatre play, “Candy”, for the film treatment, rewriting it as a screen play.

With the production crew and schedule now established, it’s all systems go to get the film in the can and publicised in time for its showing at the 2014 One Eye Film Festival in Dubbo on 14 November. It’s now a matter of watch this space.