Sam and the Sheepdog: the film

Sam and the Sheepdog is a short film based on an original poem by Ken Windsor, a local Dubbo writer and poet. Kellie Jennar heard Ken recite this poem roughly two years ago and immediately visualised a film in the making, and as they say… the rest is history.

In the film Sam (18) arrives from Sydney and is promptly plonked at a remote sheep farm in regional NSW. Sam is a city boy and has never seen so much land and space in his life. He is overwhelmed.

Sam has a heart of gold and is eager to please but has two left feet and is naïve as they come. Tom (48) is a true blue farmer with no time for nonsense or city boys. He is continually frustrated and annoyed by Sam’s inability to learn even the simplest farm tasks.

Eleanor (43) is a practical, smart and caring woman. She knows her husband can appear uncaring and formidable at times, but he is just trying his best to survive and provide for them both. Eleanor plays peacemaker between Sam and Tom with little effect.

One day, Eleanor remarks that Tom needs a sheep dog – but that you need to buy them young and train them up. Sam sees an opportunity to finally prove his worth to his uncle and win his affection. Sam proceeds to buy and train up a young pup in secret, but things don’t go quite to plan…



Sam – Lachlan Thompson

Tom – Peter Volkofsky

Eleanor – Erifili Davis

Stall Holder – Jamie McGaw

Ute Driver – Ruby Davies


Producer/Writer – Kellie Jennar

Director – Jude Morrell

1 st Assistant Director – Alison Plasto

Director of Photography – Dave Lennox

Editor – Peter Aland

Sound – Maree Barnes

Art and Set Director – Ruby Davies

Continuity –  Milena Sallustio

Hair and Makeup – Vicki Aland

Boom 1 – Jenny Hewish

Boom 2 – Matt Parmeter

Boom 3 – James

Clapper – Margaret Anderson

Gaffer – Ivan Gould

Stills – Rochelle Hinton

Kelpie – Boof

Rottweiler – Staunch

Border Collie 1 – Switch

Border Collie 2 – Ollie

Puppy – Hiccup

Dog Wrangler 1 – Shaun McHugh

Dog Wrangler 2 – Jeremy Sallustio

Dog Wrangler 3 – Jon Cantrall

Special thanks to Claire and Brendan Booth for the use of their beautiful property

Thank you to Lions Australia and the Geurie Markets.

Thank you to Alice and her puppies